Foto: Erik Danielsson 

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As a designer and milliner, I create hats, costumes and headgear for theatres, museums and private clients.

The company has been around for more than 20 years under the name of Gyllings Hat & Kostymmakeri – and indeed the whole adventure started as I trained in Copenhagen during the early 80s.

By 1990, I chose to live in Sweden – the Highlands right in middle between Stockholm and my hometown of Copenhagen. A great place to live – and to create and teach, which has become my life. And at the center of this life is the hat.

The hat has become the main thing in my creative work and in my teaching. In my shop in the old town of Eksjö, I notice a growing interest from both Swedish and customers from abroad — many perceive my little shop as exotic as you no longer find a hat shop in every city and I notice that many people today appreciate the service I can provide them.

How I work

My work as a milliner means that I make hats and headgear to order. You may say that I make hand sewn hats – the opposite of hats that are mass produced. That does not mean that I make everything by hand – but it makes for unique hats.

In the store, you will find my hats displayed so you can try out different types, styles and shapes of hats and they are for sale as well. You may also place an order, if you want a particular model in a different size or color. It is up to you – you can even ask for a mix between two models in the store.

Some of my clients have a clear preference for a particular type of hat and often they bring a picture of this type of hat. It can be anything from a dazzling wedding affair to a sporty hat for the gentleman or a hat from a certain era.

The materials I work with: Fur felt, straw/sisal, fabric, lace, leather and fur. In addition, I produce flowers on order – usually in silk. Production time really depend on how many orders I have currently, but a minimum of two weeks with a fitting appointment is normal.

Vision of the brand HVIDE

designer & milliner